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Category: Kanic Home Published: Friday, 25 April 2014

As a poet, Kumaran Asan took Malayalam poetry to the highest reaches of sublimity, which gives loftiness to any literary creation. As a social activist he was a genius of cultural synthesis. As a public figure he was an ardent supporter of democratic dissent. The limit of his greatness as a poet is the sky itself. At a time when epic poem was considered the sure sign of a poet’s greatness he left the beaten track composing short poems of epic dimensions and overtones. “Veenapoovu” first emerged in the Malayalam literary firmament as a short poem of verses with epic characteristics delineating birth, being in this world, death and immortality with unparalleled flights of imagination. The transience of human life is set off against the immortality of the soul. Death is only a gateway of transformation. He celebrated themes like liberation of the downtrodden and freedom of woman not in the present deranged sense, but in the acceptance of her personality. He sang about love as the bedrock of life and as the sum total of undivided Truth. No wonder, a poet of this universal vision became the pride of all Keralites. His greatness grows more phenomenal as time passes by. Although a memorial to Asan was started by the government in July 1996 it took decades for the monument to have a good building, museum etc. Subsequently the memorial to Asan was declared as Kumaran Asan National Institute of Culture drawing poets and litterateurs from the country and abroad. The centre has formulated plans to develop the memorial into a world-class centre of literary studies, art and culture. But severe constraints in the availability of funds hold back those ambitious schemes. In this predicament the centre needs financial support from the people to fulfill its goals. Asan Memorial can grow further only with the participation of far-sighted people. Those who have a niche in their hearts for the wonderful thoughts-world of Asan may kindly send their remittances to:

The Director
Kumaranasan National Institute of Culture (KANIC)

Thonakkal P.O
Thiruvananthapuram 695 317
Kerala, India
Tel: 0471-2618873
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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