Category: ASAN THE POET Published: Friday, 25 April 2014
  • As a poet as a thinker, as a social reformer, as a legislator and political activist Asan stood up as a towering personality.

He was an original poet. More than that he rebelled against out-modeled literary conventions. He fought against the inequities of our cast-ridden society and passionately sang of individual dignity, social freedom and brotherhood of man. So nationalism was interwoven through his literary work. He was rightly said as a symbol of the consciousness of modernity. His shorter poems are charming children’s poems profound hymns of universal appeal, vivid descriptions of nature and moving inflictions on social evils. The vision he embodied informs of rare freshness of genuineness. He played a leading role in the evolution of modern poetry and in the transformation of modern Kerala society.

Asan was honored by Prince of Wales as a distinguished Indian poet and presented with silk shawls and a gold bracelet on 13th January 1922 at the Madras University Senate hall.

He has not decidedly participated in politics but his works inspired the downtrodden to be conscious about politics.

“The impartial world of sahrdayas place him in par with Ezhuthachan and Nambiar. With his undoubted mastery over poetic excellences like profundity of thought, incomparable concepts, unexcelled metaphors and fidelity in observation he was able to delight even connoisseurs with exceptional sensibility.

Each line of Asan is pregnant with meaning, each word is alive, each thought evoke emotional exuberance; each fancy arouses intense exhilaration. His incomparably superior creations and fame emanating from them will abide till Kerala is again swallowed by the sea during the coming deluge. The glow of the garland of his ambrosial aphorisms will radiate unchecked. Its fragrance will spread unchecked. Its aesthetic delight will course like an uninhibited flow. And with the hearts throbbing with gratitude and overflowing with regard for all time will this harbinger of bliss cherish, admire and worship "says Mahakavi Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer. It is only a factual statement.

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